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Plant Lamp LED Night Lights Artificial Houseplant Bonsai

Plant Lamp LED Night Lights Artificial Houseplant Bonsai

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1. Home decoration: The beautiful plant light creates a beautiful atmosphere! This is a magical indoor plant full of light.
2. Safety and environmental protection: The soft light is warm and will not harm children's eyes, which are good gifts for children and adults.
3. Application: This LED indoor plant decoration is the perfect companion and enhances daily happiness. Very suitable for social gatherings, movie screenings, dinners, date nights.
4. Note: LED indoor plants are for indoor use only. Although plants can be temporarily placed outside under appropriate conditions (for example, for activities), they are not weather resistant and should not be exposed to rain, snow, high winds, high temperatures, or high ultraviolet radiation.


Material: soft PVC
Style A: 100 LED programmable
Style B: 300 LED programmable
Style C: 500 LED programmable
Usage: Mobile APP, Apple Android

Size:Height 100cm , 80cm , width 34cm unfolded

Tip: The delivery does not come with a pot, a set of four branches, 20 leaves without a pot. 

(100, 300, 500, is the programmable change mode of the lamp, not the number of lamp beads, you can download the APP on your mobile phone to control the light change)

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